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Shingle vs. Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are very popular in Lapeer & Genesee Counties. With inclement weather in Michigan, many believe that metal roofing is a superior choice. We'll explore the differences between the two major home roofing options available to you.

Metal roofs are far more expensive than shingle roofs.

Shingle Roofs Are More Affordable

In times of high inflation and unemployment, with a looming recession, metal roofs are much more expensive than shingle roofs, sometimes running as much as $30,000 more. Shingle roofs are a much more affordable roof replacement option. 

Metal Roofs Are Not Maintenance-Free

Despite what metal roof contractors may say, metal roofs are not maintenance-free. In fact, the fasteners and panels can rust and warp, and fixing these items can cost much more than simply replacing a shingle or performing a patch on a shingle roof.

Roof replacement in Grand Blanc, MI.
Other Differences Between Metal & Shingle Roofs

Metal roofs are often noisy. Rain can cause the roof to make loud noises in the home, which can disturb sleep and dinner time. When repairing a metal roof, it can be hard to create an exact color match, which can give your home less curb appeal. If water accumulates anywhere on a metal roof because of poor-quality installation or repair, it can eventually cause serious damage. Low-grade metals may also be thinner gauge and less durable. Some metals rust in certain climates or dent more easily than others during hailstorms or installation.

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