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5 Things That Are Ruining Your Swartz Creek Roof

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

If you’re like most people, you don’t know just how much damage is occurring up on your roof week by week – but check out these five causes of deterioration that our Swartz Creek roofing company sees every day.

Shingles, tile and other roofing materials protect our homes from the worst weather. They bear the brunt of hail, wind, snow and harmful UV rays. In fact, these are five things that are ruining your roof from the outside:

  • Rain, snow and ice

  • Wind

  • Sun

  • Lichen and moss

  • Overgrown trees

If you have any of these issues, you could be on the fast-track to a residential roofing replacement.

Rain, Snow & Ice

Your roof’s worst enemy is moisture, but unfortunately, it’s even in the air here. When moisture seeps into your roof, it can damage your home’s structure. It can cause mildew, mold and rot, and it can even damage the insulation in your attic.

Rain is the biggest culprit, but melting snow can re-freeze and cause ice dams – and ice dams block water from draining through your gutters, causing it to back up under your roofing materials. These forced leaks can lead to water coming in through your ceiling. If you notice a leak, call Larsen Roofing, your Swartz Creek roofing expert, immediately to keep your repair costs low,


There’s no shortage of wind here, and the damage it does to your roof can be catastrophic. Wind lifts and pulls shingles away from your roof, leaving the underlayment exposed. If the underlayment is exposed, your roof can start to leak – there are no shingles to repel the water. Most often, the edges of your roof are the areas that take the most damage from wind, but it can happen to anywhere.


Damaging UV rays and everyday heat from the sun can cause your shingles to break down over time. In some cases, the sun can fade your shingles and deteriorate them to the point that they’re no longer useful in protecting your home. If you have a sun-damaged roof, it’s a good idea to call our Swartz Creek roofing experts for a free roof inspection.

Lichen & Moss

Lichen is a simple, slow-growing plant that creates a crusty-looking growth on your roof. Moss looks a lot softer, but it’s still a growing plant that encroaches where it’s not wanted. If your roof has lichen or moss on it, you need to know that either can cause wood rot and structural damage.

Overgrown Trees

Roof repair Swartz Creek

Even if a tree limb doesn’t fall on your roof, overhanging branches can cause serious damage. Sometimes the damage is second-hand, such as when leaves accumulate on the roof and trap moisture to create perfect conditions for mold to grow, and sometimes it’s first-hand – like when a branch punctures through your shingles and creates a pathway for water to get into your home’s structure.

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