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Add Years To The Life of Your Goodrich Roof

The life of your roof can be improved by taking some simple steps. Goodrich roofing companies don't want you to know these tips!

Preservation of your roof is an economical way to protect the most important feature of your home’s exterior. Your roof must withstand the most severe conditions that Mother Nature has to offer. Snow, ice, wind, rain and damaging UV rays will shorten the useful life of your roof. Proper maintenance will ensure that you maximize the performance of your roof system.

Extend The Lifespan of Your Roof Flashing

Metal roof flashing is often one of the first areas you'll notice damage. Rain and snow in Michigan can cause this to rust easily. In order to protect the flashing, coat it with a high quality rust inhibitor. Do this yearly at the end of summer, before the weather turns poor.

Keep Your Shingles Safe

Shingles can experience extreme wear and tear. When you decide to go with a shingle roof, it is important to use roof preservative that is made for your shingles. Asphalt shingles need different treatment than cedar shingles.

Roofing company Goodrich, MI

Apply this type of preservative with a power sprayer, and always take safety precautions when climbing up to your roof to do work. While this might seem like a lot of work, it will save you thousands in repair and replacement costs for your roof.

It Isn't Just The Winter To Worry About

When we think of things that can damage a roof in Goodrich, we often think of snow and ice or wind and rain. While these are certainly hard on roofs, the sun in the summer can also brutalize your roofing system.

The UV rays can fade and weaken your shingles over time, causing you to repair or replace your roof far sooner than necessary. A titanium dioxide coating can protect your roof from the harmful rays of the sun.

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