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Considering Replacing Your Roof In Fenton? Read This First

A new roof is an expensive project, but often necessary. But do you have to replace your roof? There might be alternatives to think about

Your roof is essential to your home, so when something goes wrong with your roof, it is crucial to handle it as soon as possible. But do you need to replace your roof? Let's explore your options.

What No Fenton Roofers Will Tell You

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The bigger Fenton roofing companies won't tell you this, but they won't even do roof repairs anymore. Most see it as a high liability to perform repair work on a roof, considering the dangerous nature of roofing, the potential insurance payout if something goes wrong, and the potential hassle in dealing with warranties and insurance companies.

The other big secret Fenton roofing contractors don't want you to know is that roof repair work isn't very profitable for them. Sure, they might make money, but for them, making $20,000 is a lot better than $200. The reason? They all have tremendous overhead in their companies that they need to pay out. This is why you might get wildly different quotes from Hanson's or Majic Window on a roof than you would from a smaller company like Larsen Roofing.

So Should You Even Get an Estimate From a Bigger Fenton Roofing Company?

You can and should get multiple estimates on your roof, but first, consider whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. If you have your roof inspected independently and the inspector says you need to replace it, then by all means, have 3-5 different companies provide you with a bid for the replacement.

If your inspection deems that you need to have repairs made, then you should still get various estimates, but the best move would be to get these estimates from independent or smaller Fenton roofing contractors, as they can still do repair work profitably.

How to Know Whether You Need to Repair or Replace Your Fenton Home's Roof

A full roof replacement probably only needs to be done once in the course of owning your home. Unless you experience damage from a storm like the recent hailstorm in Davison, you shouldn't need a new roof, unless you want one.

However, in the event that you do need to replace your roof, there will be signs. Sagging or other structural issues will be obvious. Severe leaks can also be a sign that your roof needs to be replaced, but this would only be necessary if patching doesn't work first. The rule of thumb is to repair where you can and replace when it's necessary.

Need to repair your roof? Contact Larsen Roofing, a Fenton roofing company.

Next week, we'll discuss what type of roof is best when you replace your roof in Fenton.

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