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How To Hang Holiday Decorations

As winter approaches, so do the holidays. Many Flushing homeowners will want to hang lights from their roof. So what is the best way to ensure you have a bright & happy holiday?

Are you excited about the holiday season? You're probably going through your stuff to find your favorite decorations. When it's time to put up Christmas lights on your roof, it's important to know how to do it safely and get great results.

Here's how to hang lights, whether you have gutters or not.

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Hanging Lights By Using Your Gutters

Many people like to put holiday lights on their residential gutters in Flushing. These are the parts of your roof that hang over the edge, and they're great places to hang string lights and decorations.

Here are the steps to attach lights to your gutters using clips and zip ties:

  1. Decide where you want to put your holiday lights.

  2. Find an electrical outlet and check if the lights work before hanging them up.

  3. Unroll your outdoor lights and attach clips about one foot apart from each other.

  4. Set up a ladder and climb to a height where you can easily reach the gutters.

  5. As you attach clips to the metal parts of the gutters, make sure the Christmas lights are stretched out and not sagging.

  6. If you have extra wire between the lights, roll it up and use clips to secure the bundles.

  7. Consider using zip ties to reinforce the clips every few feet for added stability.

Hanging Lights On Your Roof in Flushing Without Gutters

Hanging Christmas lights on your roof without gutters is quite similar to the steps we mentioned earlier, depending on the tools you use. The easiest way to finish decorating is to get light clips that work with both gutters and shingles. Many clips in the market fit under the edges of shingles, making your installation look neat. However, be careful not to use too much force with these clips because you don't want to damage the seals that keep water out of your home.

Here are some creative ways to hang holiday lights on the roof:


You can use magnets to secure lights on metal roofing. Just make sure the magnets you choose can handle winter weather.

Staple gun

If there's exposed wood under your shingles, you can try using a staple gun to hold your Christmas lights in place. Keep in mind that removing the lights later might take some time if you use this method. But remember, don't staple lights directly to the shingle surfaces.

Permanent hooks

You can get self-driving hooks that attach to wooden awnings. During winter, you can hang your holiday lights on these hooks, and when the weather gets warmer, you can use them for hanging plants. It's a versatile solution for decorating your home.

The most important consideration when hanging holiday lights from your Flushing roof is safety. Be sure to follow all major safety protocols and if you need assistance, be sure to ask for help.

If you're hanging lights this year and notice issues with your roof, contact a professional Flushing roofing company to give you an estimate on repairing or replacing your roof.

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