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Oxford Roofing Repairs You Need To Take Care Of Now

Roofing repairs might seem like something you can put off. Often, things seem to be more important. But if you own a home, you want to repair your Oxford home's roof quickly, especially in certain circumstances.

Do you have a to-do list for your home? Most homeowners do. Many of those homeowners would admit that their lists probably include at least one home improvement project that they’ve been putting off. This is okay for some simple tasks, like general cleaning and maintenance. But other projects can’t be put off.

One area that demands your immediate attention is your roof. You see, when it comes to roofing repairs, time is of the essence. The longer you wait to fix the problems, the worse they will become. That means they’ll take more time and be more costly to repair. Here’s some valuable advice from the expert roofing contractors at Larsen Roofing on roofing repairs you should take care of now.

Replace Missing Shingles

Oxford, MI roofing contractor. Oxford roof repair.

This is one of the easiest roofing problems to spot. Take a look at your roof for any shingles that are gone or that appear to be separating from the base of the roof itself. Make a note of the location so you can better direct an Oxford roofing contractor when they come to your home.

Repair The Flashing

Roof flashing Oxford. Oxford chimney flashing. Oxford roofing company.

Flashing is the plastic or metal material around the openings or other features on a roof. If these materials start to pull away from the roof, they could provide a direct route for water to enter your home. Look for areas that are damaged or missing.

Patch Membranes

Roof membrane. Roof underlayment. Roofing company in Oxford. Roofing contractor near me.

If you have a flat roof, either on a residential or commercial roof, your roof has a membrane. This layer of rubber or bitumen keeps water from leaking in and diverts it off the roof. Take a look around the inside of your structure for any evidence of a leak and ask a roofing contractor to take a look from up top.

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