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The Worst Ideas For Protecting Your Burton Home's Roof

When it comes to protecting your biggest investment, there are many ways the homeowner can contribute to a long roof life through routine maintenance. There are also a number of ways a roof can be seriously damaged by misguided homeowners. Here are a few of the worst ideas for protecting your roof.

Disclaimer: Do not try ANY of these methods of protecting the roof on your Burton home.

Do NOT Create a Gutter Garden in Your ACTUAL Gutters

Gutter gardens are a bad idea for Burton roofs

A hip new trend is the creation of gutter gardens. What many are doing is taking old gutter materials, cleaning them, then using them as planters. The vertical garden style is very stylish and is quite nice in a garden.

What some are doing and it is NOT a good idea is creating a garden in the actual gutters on their home. This can easily lead to clogged gutters and water damage, which is horrible for the lifespan of your roof.

Do NOT Ignore Missing Shingles

Burton roofing contractor

While it may not seem like a big issue, missing shingles are a huge problem for your roof. Shingles falling off the roof are one of the top signs that it is failing. When you see this, the first instinct may be to ignore it. What could one shingle hurt?

The shingles on your roof are more than simply an aesthetic element. They provide coverage to the entire roofing system. When shingles start to fall off, it is time to contact a roofing professional.

Ignoring Tree Branches Is Risky For Your Roof

Burton roof replacement

Trim your trees! If you see tree branches hanging over your roof, you might be in for some serious damage the next time it is windy or raining. Trees can destroy roofs, and by extension, your home. If you see overhanging branches, contact professional tree trimmers to come take care of them. Otherwise you could be replacing more than just your roof.

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