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Use Your Roof To Help Sell Your Grand Blanc Home

One of the biggest factors in selling your home is curb appeal. While many think of landscaping when it comes to curb appeal, one of the first things people notice is your roof.

Roofing is often thought of as more functional than fashionable. The typical things people think of when it comes to exterior aesthetics are front doors, landscaping, and siding. These are all important, but the roof has the unique quality of improving the value of your home as well as its look.

Top Shingle Colors in 2022

The trends in home design are often discussed by the top magazines and blogs. There are no shortage of articles discussing paint colors, door accents and other decorative items Often overlooked are the options available for roof shingle colors, and how they impact the exterior appeal of your home.

The top shingle colors for 2022 are not surprising, but we can discuss some in detail to give you the pros and cons of each.

Choosing a roof shingle color for your Grand Blanc home

1. Light brown hues

Experts in selling Grand Blanc homes agree that light brown is the top choice if you're planning on attracting potential home buyers this year. Hues such as sand taupe, and desert are complementary of almost any color of siding and entry door. This will help tie your exterior presentation together and give buyers more options if they decide to update any other features on your Grand Blanc home.

Dark brown hues

Brown is clearly the top overall color choice, as both light and dark hues are among the best options. Potential shingle colors in this category include tree bark and weathered wood. While these may not sound appealing, this gives a more classic feel to your home, and are ideal if you have a more historic home.

Blue hues

Mainly due to the increase in demand for metal roofing, blue is making a splash in the roofing shingle industry. Blue is a calming color, and most want to feel at peace when they view their home. Many variants of blue shingles exist, with hues ranging from denim and navy to sky blue. If you are using a blue entry door, then this may be the perfect choice for you.

Green hues

Most popular on the West Coast, green is a relative newcomer to the shingle color scene. These shades may give your home a more modern and edgy look, especially when used to contrast with a brick façade. Some popular options include forest green, hunter green and moss green shingles. Green also has the benefit of pairing well if you decide to use ivy as an exterior accent on you Grand Blanc roof.

Off white hues

One type of shingle color that has become popular in Florida and parts of California has been off white. These shingles definitely help give a home a beach vibe, and help to avoid sun bleaching, which can ruin a roof. Some popular shades of off white roofing shingles include beige, stone, and khaki. If you have a stone or brick façade, this may be the perfect choice for you.

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