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Ways Your Roof Can Lower Your Rochester Hills Energy Bills

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

We all know that a ton of energy can be wasted by a bad roof. But did you know that even the good roof on your Rochester Hills home can be saving you even more money on energy costs?

It is true that Rochester Hills homeowners can see their energy bills get out of control in the summer months. A great roof can keep heat out or in depending on the season. Some of the improvements you can make to your roof can help you with lowering your bills, especially in the hot summer months ahead.

Caulk the Water Pipes

If your house has an older roof, the chances are that it has some gaps in the seams. This makes for a leaky roof, which exposes you to potential leaks and can increase your energy bills. You can stop this water leakage by caulking the seams with silicone gaskets. Make sure that you do so correctly and note where your caulk line is marked on the old shingles.

Vent Out Your Attic

Believe it or not, your attic can be a valuable tool to save energy. You may consider renting it out when you have an older roof, and that’s fine. Just make sure that you don’t create any gaps for air to enter the space and that there are no holes in the ceiling that could let loose hot air escape. This means installing vapor barriers and using a supporter beam system in tandem with insulation.

Get a Solar Powered Attic Fan

Your attic is the perfect place to install a solar-powered attic vent. This will allow you to use your roof to help cool down your home by recirculating air, rather than letting out the hot air from the inside of your home or adding more hot air from the outdoors. You can even use it during the wintertime when it’s colder outside.

Choose the Best Shingle Color

Rochester Hills roofing company

Shingles can make a substantial difference in your roof’s efficiency. The same goes for roof vents, which are essential to increase airflow. If you have an older roof, it’s best to get one gray or black. To get the most efficient shading, look for shingles with reflective silver zinc coating.

Get Wider Roof Vents

If you want to save money on electricity, investing in crank-out roof vents is effective while also being cost-efficient. Consider opting for ones that are wider than three inches and are made from galvanized steel or aluminum.

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