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Why Are Roofs So Expensive in Flushing?

With rising inflation, it seems the cost of everything is rising. However, most would argue that new roofs have been expensive long before the rise in inflation. So why are roofs so expensive?

When you think of cost, it is also helpful to think of benefits. When you look at the benefits of replacing your roof, you might see that the expense of replacing your roof in Flushing is not all that high, and in fact, might turn out to be a bargain.

A New Roof Can Reduce Energy Costs

Energy bills, especially when running your air conditioner in the summer months, can be astronomically high. The problem in many Flushing homes is that the roof is leaking air, which causes your home to heat up, which causes your air conditioner to have to work harder and longer.

It is estimated that 60% of your energy loss happens through your roof. This is usually due to one of two factors: poor insulation in the attic, and wear and tear on your roof. Even homes with R-48 insulation can lose plenty of energy through the roof, causing higher bills in the summer. But in Flushing, Michigan, you also have to worry about the winter. Heating bills can also spiral out of control as warm air rises, causing even MORE energy inefficiency in your home.

A new roof can keep these costs down, especially when installed with proper ventilation and expert craftsmanship.

A New Roof Can Help You Sell Your Home For More Money

ROI is always a consideration when it comes to an improvement project. It is also well known that one major project most home buyers don't want to take on is replacing a roof. Luckily, it is well established that a new roof significantly increases the appraisal value of your home.

Also, when it comes down to deciding between buying your home and another, a new roof can tip the scales in your favor. The more updated a home is, the more likely it is to sell, and also sell for more money. A new roof, despite the cost, tends to pay off when it comes time to list your home for sale.

Replacing Your Flushing Roof Increases Curb Appeal

Roofer in Flushing, MI

While it might be the farthest thing from the curb, your roof is one of the first things anyone notices about your home. In fact roofs are second only to entry doors in terms of curb appeal factors. If you plan on selling your home, curb appeal is significantly important.

Digital curb appeal is a newer factor in home sales. Homebuyers start their shopping online, just like most purchases. And like most purchases, if your home doesn't look great in photos, homebuyers will pass it by. So it is vital that your roof looks incredible.

Installing a new shingle roof in Flushing can help your home stand out from the crowd, giving you the pop everyone is looking for in a house. A Flushing roofing contractor can help you pick out new shingles to match your siding and other exterior features.

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