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Will 2024 Be The Year For A New Roof?

Replacing your roof could be a good way to help you with your home improvement goals in 2024.

Whether you are thinking of selling your house, or just want to improve your energy efficiency, a new roof offers significant benefits. Whether you live in Flushing, Fenton, Davison, Grand Blanc or Swartz Creek, Larsen Roofing can help you with a full roof replacement.

How Do You Know If You Need To Replace Your Roof?

Many roofing issues can be solved through repairs (we do those too)! But there are some systemic issues with roofs, especially as they age that repairs just won't fix. If you're seeing any of the following problems, you might want to think about replacing your roof.

Roof Sagging

Sometimes when roofs are older, they can't bear the weight of snow and ice. In Michigan, we get plenty of that, so winter is actually a good season to give your roof an eyeball inspection. If you're seeing areas where the roof appears to be sagging or buckling, you might have some significant problems in the structural elements of the roof itself. It is always best to call a Davison roofing contractor if you notice sagging or buckling of your home's roof.

Leaks That Won't Stop

Some leaks can be solved with some quick patching or replacing some shingles. But if you have a persistent roof leak, you may need to replace the entire system. Roof leaks are common in Michigan, as ice tends to expand and contract elements of the roofing system, which can cause gaps to form for water to leak through. If you patch your roof and the leaking continues or springs up in another spot, then a Grand Blanc roofing company can help you replace your roof.

Fix sagging roof in Davison

Heat Loss or Quickly Melting Snow

Michigan roofs are great at telling you what's wrong with them. The snow on your roof shouldn't melt quickly, and definitely shouldn't melt in 'streaks'. This can be due to improper insulation, but often it is a sign that your roof has succumbed to the harsh winter conditions in Michigan. If you notice this problem, a Fenton roofing contractor would be able to inspect your roof and help you.

No matter what issues your roof has, Larsen Roofing can give you an honest assessment and help you.

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