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Preparing Your Davison Roof For Fall

As summer winds down, you'll want to start preparing your roof for fall. Grand Blanc and Davison homes have unique challenges as fall approaches, so it is best to be prepared.

We don't often think of autumn as a "hard" season on roofs. With the heat and sun damage from summer and the snow and ice of winter, fall isn't usually thought of as problematic for home exteriors and roofs. However, there are things to do that can help keep your roof from taking damage during the autumn months.

Keep Gutters Clean

Ice dams that form in the winter are usually caused by gutters that get clogged in the fall. Leaves and debris cause downspouts to become backed up, which causes water to remain trapped in them. As temperatures drop, ice begins to form, causing damage to your home's roofing system.

It is always safest to call a professional company to clean and maintain your gutters. Climbing on ladders to your roof can lead to injury or worse. There are plenty of great gutter cleaning companies out there that can help you in Davison or Grand Blanc.

Trim Trees

A lot of roof damage occurs from falling trees. Fall is always a time where you'll begin to notice trees being overgrown. It is a good time to call a tree trimming company to remove any overhanging limbs and branches.

Roofing company in Davison, MI

Cold weather in winter can cause tree limbs to become weak and die, which can create problems with them falling on your roof causing damage. Be sure to take care of these problems before they become more costly and you need a Davison roofing company to repair or replace your roof.

Get a Pre-Winter Roof Inspection

Professional Davison roofing companies can do a thorough roof inspection in the fall to guarantee your roof is ready for the rigors of winter.

Larsen Roofing is available to not only perform your inspection but make any repairs necessary to help prevent having to do a full roof replacement. Call us to schedule a free estimate!

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